Seapoint- Passeig



Seapoint is the alias of currently Barcelona based (formerly Montreal based) producer Rafael Bucio. Aside from releasing his Nautical Day EP on BYRSLF_Division in 2012 and the Lunar Eve single on Infinite Machine last year, he has also remixed the likes of 123MRK, Druid Cloak, iOSounds, Emufucka, and more. . His sound encompasses a multitude of influences from house to hip hop to breaks, always trying to navigate through a variety of genres, and the result is a series of songs that are stylistically rich and diverse. His track “Passeig” provides a perfect addition to the Foundations compilation, balancing and reinforcing the melodic, harmonious undertone and lack of restriction by a single genre. Seapoint will have a new EP out on Barcelona’s Tracy Recordings by the end of the summer, and we hope to see more coming your way from him by way of Foundations Recordings.


you can listen to the tune here.


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