Paragon Collective Volume 1 out NOW!


We are proud to present our first compilation. Paragon Collective: Volume 1 consists of 13 unique tracks by up and coming electronic artists who are pushing the boundaries of genres, styles, and atmospheres. The sounds range from slow drippy hip hop beats and bassy melodic instrumentals to sleek deep house grooves and kinetic soundscapes. The complete artist list includes Beshken, Dailon, G Jones, jOBOT, Morillo, Mosis, Grimecraft, GRiDWORK,  Seapoint, Gillepsy, Bedrockk, Gladkill and Sugarpill. These artists give glimpses into a bright,diverse musical future and Foundations is there to create the groundwork.

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Track List:

Beshken- Doubt

Morillo – S.S.S.

Dailon – Fate

Gillepsy – iThink

Mosis – Inhales

Grimecraft – Carpet Panthers

G Jones – Terminal 3

jOBOT- Too Much

Seapoint – Passeig

Bedrockk- Flux Eternal

Gladkill – Don’t Stop

Sugarpill – These Days