jOBOT- Too Much



Joe Wendt, better known as jOBOT is a talented and original producer out of Los Angeles and an integral part of the Headtron collective. Playing upright bass since the age of 12 and mastering the styles of jazz funk and soul, jOBOT is constantly pushing his sound forward while evolving musically to previously unimagined dimensions. His tracks span a variety of different genres- anything from dream-like downtempo to funk, electro soul and breaks to epic melodic future bass tunes. he fuses an immense breadth and depth of listening and training with funk-fueled bass playing, smooth vocals, and an ineffable balls-out, experimental, and creative spirit that “jOBOT” encompasses. His track “Too Much” is a vibey House-influenced take on a classic Luther Vandross classic.

You can listen to the track here and follow jOBOT here.