Grimecraft- Carpet Panthers

Our next compilation track comes via San Francisco based game-designer- turned-producer Grimecraft. His unique take on electronic music combines elements of chip tune, hip hop and lush game soundtrack vibes with the future bass sound. It would be unsurprising to hear Rick Ross acapellas alongside Pikachu and zelda samples in a Grimecraft tune, and equally unsurprising at how seamlessly it all flows together.
The former game developer hailing from the studio that brought you Guitar Hero has now been playing throughout the US and releasing music for some time now (highlights include the PokeP on label Game Chops, stellar collabs with fellow producer ABSRDST, and recently released cashmere cat remix). “Carpet Panthers” is an excellent introduction into his sound, and a welcome addition to the Foundations compilation. In his own words, Grimecraft is bridging the gap between nerds and cool kids once and for all; and he’s doing a phenomenal job so far.


Check out his track here !